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Whether you’re giving your home a light facelift or undergoing a full renovation, selecting new interior furnishings just to your liking is no easy feat. Under the helpful guidance of an expert designer, dreaming up a custom item for your space can be a worthwhile investment. Here, LiLu Interiors Owner and Principal Designer Lisa Peck shares her expertise on how incorporating bespoke design pieces is well worth the time, effort and resources.

Photography by Susan Gilmore

For Optimizing Space

Mass-market stores may not have the optimally sized furniture items you’re looking for. When scale is critical for the space, a custom piece can be designed to the exact length, width and height you’re looking for. This will ensure the size is appropriate for your home. For example, one of our clients wanted a bar cabinet but lived in a condo with limited space. Here, we were able to help curate a custom cabinet that was both stylish and perfectly sized.

Photography by Chad Holder

For Specific Storage Needs

Creating a tailored storage piece based on family needs or personal hobbies is a perfect example of when custom design is well worth the time and expense. Perhaps your family’s entertainment room requires a unique solution to store special gaming equipment, or maybe a loved one’s knitting hobby accumulates enough materials where a bespoke storage center is needed. Having an organized environment to enjoy your favorite hobbies is important, and curating a custom space to house everything can help you spend more time doing what you love.

Photography by Karen Melvin

For Special Functions

Sometimes, you need a solution that serves a specific function that simply cannot be found in stores. Whether it be a unique shape or texture, there are times when acquiring a bespoke piece is the best avenue to take. For instance, we worked with a client who needed a dining table created to expand in width versus length due to the size of the room. On another occasion, we sourced a custom two-tiered piece for a family who loved to entertain. The top tier can be removed to create a dessert table or to serve several smaller items.

Photography by Chad Holder

For Creating a Unique Aesthetic

Creating a space that feels unique is important, and adding a special flair that’s personal to you and your family can generate that at-home energy we all crave. To accomplish this, we work with clients to develop tailored furnishings that create a unique aesthetic. In a recent project, we helped homeowners curate a custom-made carpet for their living space that perfectly fit their style.

For Comfort

Furniture and decor items that offer optimal comfort are of the utmost importance when creating an enjoyable relaxation or entertainment experience. We can have custom cushions made if the client desires a softer feel, or perhaps firmer solution to support back issues. Chairs or sofas with taller backs can be specially made for television watching, while deeper seats can be made to support napping needs. Comfort means something different to everyone, and incorporating bespoke design can help meet your family’s specific needs.

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