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We’ve all used our fair share of cleaning products in the past 15+ months with the proof in our endlessly dry hands and citrus-smelling surfaces. But shouldn’t we be able to have a “cleaner” clean? Throughout the pandemic, I’ve tried many of the brands that have targeted me with their big promises — and their less-than-promising results, like streaky surfaces, sticky hands and landfill-bound packaging that left me feeling guilty. Recently, I discovered a new plant-based cleaning product line called L’AVANT Collective.

Photography by Carina Anne Skrobecki Swain

The brand was launched by two women who wanted to create a line of products that are non-toxic, effective and aesthetically pleasing enough to sit on any countertop. More than 98% of ingredients are derived from natural and renewable sources, plus the products are entirely cruelty-free and environmentally conscience. Sounds good, right? Here’s my take on the L’AVANT Collective products I tried.

The Hand Soap

The hand soap arrived in a gorgeous black and gold bottle that looks very chic on my countertop. The bottle is refillable and recyclable, and the product itself is non-drying, leaving my hands feeling soft and clean.

The Dish Soap

Another gorgeous bottle, the dish soap came in white and gold. It is also refillable and recyclable, and cuts through grease on pots and pans perfectly without having to use too much product.

The Surface Cleaner

This multipurpose cleaner smells like fresh linen, making it a versatile option for anywhere in the house. I tested it on my quartz countertops, and it didn’t leave any streaks or residue.

The Cleaning Wipes

These wipes are biodegradable. Enough said. They are unscented and can even be used on non-porous surfaces and yoga mats.

The Verdict

L’AVANT Collective’s cleaning products may be on the pricier side, but they are 100% worth the investment for the performance and the sustainability factors alone. I’m definitely signing up for the subscription program so that I’ll never be without a shiny surface or forced to pick up a chemical-filled yellow container again.

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