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There’s a new fashion icon we didn’t know we needed. Since the days of Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City, we’ve been waiting for another trendsetter to arrive on the scene. A little Western television show called Yellowstone debuted in 2018 on a relatively unknown cable channel, and within a few episodes, the character Beth Dutton was making a statement.

She has stormed into the fashion world like the strong force she is on the show. If there’s one word to describe her, it’s fierce, both in her spiritand her style. The West is often characterized as wild, bold and free, and that’s what makes not only the lifestyle but the fashion so appealing.

Expertly played by actress Kelly Reilly, Beth Dutton is the epitome of a strong, outspoken, hard-working female. From classic ranch looks to prairie dresses with cowboy boots, she wears it all well. It’s a complete 180-degree shift from Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession with Oscar de la Renta dresses and Manolo Blahnik heels, and women are loving it.

Many of us are familiar with heritage workwear brands like Carhartt, traditionally worn by ranchers during long days on the farm. Today, Beth Dutton dons the trademark jacket, and it’s become as fashionable as it is functional.

Similarly, Pendleton blankets have a rich American history dating back 150 years. These Western-inspired wool blankets normally found in cabins and log homes have been turned into stylish cloaks by designer Lindsey Thornburg. Her creations have graced the shoulders of Beth Dutton many times on Yellowstone, and they have since been seen on celebrities like Kate Hudson and Blake Lively.

To pull off this wild West meets East Coast look, it’s best to pair your ranch wear with something fashion-forward. If you want to try the Beth Dutton cloak, wear it with a skinny jean and a tall high-heeled boot this fall.

I’m anxiously awaiting season four of Yellowstone to see what fashion statement comes next. Growing up riding horses and barrel racing, I have long loved the essence that Western style embodies. Fringe and feathers, leather and lace, wool and plaid — it’s all bold yet soft, just like strong, fearless women. So remember when it comes to being fashionable and fierce, all you need is confidence and some cowboy boots. I’m sure Ms. Dutton would agree.

Laura Schara is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and cohost of the television series Minnesota Bound. Learn more at

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