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Downtown Minneapolis’s condo renaissance is no secret in the real-estate world, but Todd Simning of Kroiss Development knows that lifestyle isn’t for everyone. “A home on Kenwood Parkway or in Lowry Hill offers something slightly different than the downtown condo market does,” he explains. “Living on Kenwood Parkway offers space that you simply don’t have living with hundreds of other people in a condo building. A flat in a duplex still provides some sort of yard, privacy and a tremendously nice neighborhood with Kenwood Park right across the street, plus you’re practically downtown when you want to be.”

The company’s Kenwood Parkway project features two buildings with two units each, offering the aforementioned amenities coupled with staggeringly high-quality design. As the developer looked for new spaces to create distinctive contemporary duplexes in the neighborhood, they came across a lot for sale. Unbeknownst to the Kroiss team until after the sale, the lot had already been split and zoned for duplexes. All that was left to do was design and build.

Simning notes that they wanted to explore the modern style taking the Minneapolis market by storm without obscuring the value or existing tone of the neighborhood. “The Kenwood area tends to feature traditionally styled duplexes,” he notes. “We sought out Peterssen/Keller Architecture to help create something unique but with really great architectural lines that wouldn’t be obtrusive.” The resulting units, which are currently for sale, meld cutting-edge design with unparalleled outdoor space and city access.

Inside and out, the excellence is in the details. “We paid attention to many areas of the home where most builders might not have put in the extra money,” says Simning. “We included a heated driveway, because we noticed the grade and wanted to ensure that no one would ever slip down it. In both buildings, there are individual elevators to ensure privacy and security. We also spent time and effort on the windows to achieve a maximum sound-transfer rating, so that the units could have stunning views and natural light but not pick up sound from traffic. From cast-iron plumbing to quality slow-closing cabinetry, we went through every design element to ensure that someone can move in and feel incredibly comfortable.”

Floor-to-ceiling Kolbe VistaLuxe windows highlight each space. “We decided not to add framing between windows so as not to detract from the clean lines and architecture,” Simning adds. “By using heavy-duty windows stiffened with steel, we were able to incorporate an entire wall of windows instead of taking away from the sightlines that we wanted to capture within the Bryn Mawr neighborhood and of downtown Minneapolis.”

“Ultimately, these units have been custom built and designed from the ground up,” he concludes. “These stylistic choices are very intricate, and as a general contractor, we’re proud to have a crew of tradespeople who can bring together all of these details. Whatever style you want to build — whether it’s a lake cottage, a Dutch Colonial or a modern home — we have the team and the expertise to make it happen.”

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