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In the Twin Cities jewelry scene, the Loupe by JB Hudson Jewelers has curated an unmatched selection of pieces created by a wide range of designers, each with a unique style and technique. Kimberly McDonald is an acclaimed designer whose craft centers around a deep appreciation of melding together the raw and the fine. Ahead of her trunk show at the Loupe October 11–12, we chatted with McDonald about her personal style, where she gains her creative inspiration and more.

How long have you been designing jewelry and where do you gain creative inspiration?

I’ve been designing fine jewelry for about 20 years. I began as a curator for private high jewelry collections, which is how I cut my teeth. I’ve had my eponymous collection for the past 11 years.

I have always loved rocks. I grew up in Minnesota adjacent to the Great Lakes, so agate became my first love. The natural materials that I source and work with are my biggest inspiration. I am awestruck by nature, and my intent is always to make the materials the focal point.

Where do you source the materials you use to create your jewelry?

It depends on the material. Our geodes come exclusively from one mine in Mexico. Our opals come mostly from Australia with the exception of some varieties, which are also sourced in Mexico. I try to cultivate relationships with the top one or two providers for each material so that I know how the material is sourced, which is every bit as important as where it comes from.

Photography provided by Kimberly McDonald

How would you describe your personal style?

Eclectic. Because I come from a curatorial background, I try to avoid the typical jewelry wardrobe most women fall prey to. I think the best presentation of a woman’s personal style is how she puts together her accessories. I like a lot of layering, mixing vintage and modern pieces. The juxtaposition of things that don’t necessarily go together is so appealing to me. It’s in that combination that you can start to understand the person wearing the pieces.

What’s your favorite trend happening in the jewelry world right now?

Because of my background in high jewelry, I have a different approach to fine jewelry. It encompasses several unique aspects of life. Fine jewelry marks special occasions, becomes an heirloom, can be an investment, is a fashion statement, is wearable art — and several other attributes that to me make it a completely unique and non-trend part of our lives. It is so personal I cannot imagine choosing a piece of fine jewelry based on a trend.

Kimberly McDonald Appearance & Trunk Show

Friday, October 11 | 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Cocktails and Conversation
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Hosted by the Loupe by JB Hudson and Martin Patrick 3

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