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A creator, caretaker and curator of happiness, William Scott Rees of Keylight coaching is on a mission to help individuals recognize and seize their unique visionary attributes. Every person has a distinct set of attributes, and discovering them takes work starting from the inside out. We asked Rees to share more about his transformational coaching method, his passion for helping others and more.

Life Coach William Scott | Keylight | Artful Living Magazine

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What inspires your passion for helping others?

I think this past year has illustrated how connected we all are and how our happiness and emotional health greatly impact the health of those around us, whether in positive or negative ways. It is a thrill and honor to partner with my coaching clients as they gain clarity and inspiration on how to best create really bright, meaningful experiences within their lives or careers, then be able to radiate that positivity out into our shared world.

How has your experience in filmmaking shaped the way you coach?

As a filmmaker, you’re constructing an entire world out of thin air to invoke specific emotions and tell a unique story. You thoughtfully design and curate exactly what needs to be shown and heard in every moment on screen, and you edit out whatever isn’t relevant or beautiful. So I’m now empowering my coaching clients at Keylight to envision and star in the exact film they want to be living inside of. The greatest art form is life itself. It’s really helpful for my clients, especially when they’re feeling stuck or insecure, to approach their life with the poetic mindset that they are a creator helming their own beautiful biopic.

What is an easy way to seize personal visionary attributes?

The first step is to recognize that you are a visionary, which is a term that’s easier for some people to see themselves in than others. Each of us has an inner visionary voice sending us designs and directions for what kind of experiences will fulfill and expand us and what kind of life will stifle us. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a senior vice president, you have visionary gifts designed to unlock your best self, career, family or adventure. Simply reframing your thoughts and feelings with that awareness is huge. But our visionary intuition isn’t always totally comfortable or clear. It can often stir up fears, insecurities and paralyzing questions. That’s what I love about the coaching process: It shines a light on strengths, hopes and values that really help amplify an individual’s visionary attributes.

Life Coach William Scott | Artful Living Magazine

How do you approach working with a new client?

The foundation I lay with clients in our early sessions using the Keylight coaching model really sets the stage for powerful and successful journeys. In our first weeks, I use an exercise to help clients clearly identify and align with what values and beliefs they are and are not honoring in their current lives. Through that and other tools and techniques, I’m continually shining a bright light on how wise and resourceful my clients inherently are so that they become empowered to shine their own light on their gifts and their goals with greater confidence.

What is the most rewarding part of coaching?

Oftentimes, a client comes to coaching thinking of themselves as flawed or in need of a transformation to move ahead. But that’s not how I look at people or what I do as a coach. The incredible gift of coaching is that it ultimately reunites people with who they are. Life, society, pop culture and our insecurities so easily lure us away from who we once had the powerful innocence to just be. It’s really rewarding to work with a client and watch their face light up when they remember who they really are and recognize in a deep, new way how unique and impactful they can be in terms of creating a vibrant life for themselves.

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