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Frizz has been a lifelong battle for me, given my naturally thick, wavy curls. Over the years, I’ve seen countless ads and commercials promoting hair products that vow to end frizz, and for years I declared war on my waves by relentlessly straightening them. After taking a two-year hiatus from my straightener and spending hundreds of dollars on products that promised to tame my mane, I’ve found nothing that satisfies my longing for frizz-free hair.

One day this summer (AKA peak frizz season), a colleague mentioned a potential solution I’d never heard of: the Keratin treatment. I immediately dove into Internet research, finding unbelievable before-and-after photos and eventually discovering that Minneapolis’s Haus Salon offers this seemingly too-good-to-be-true ritual. After learning that I was indeed the perfect candidate, I scheduled the three-hour appointment that would hopefully change my relationship with my hair for the better.


The Prep

Once I sat down in the chair, my artist (as Haus dubs them) told me she would be washing my hair twice with a clarifying shampoo to get my locks squeaky clean. She didn’t use any conditioner and didn’t apply any additional product. She then blow dried my hair as the Keratin treatment needs be applied to clean, dry hair. Once my hair was blown out, I was already happy with how it looked.


The Application

She then sectioned my hair and applied the Keratin product. Once it was coating every part of my head, I sat in a shower cap for 30 minutes waiting as the potion worked its magic.


The Sealing

She blow dried my hair once more to seal the product into every cuticle. Then began the final step: straightening, which takes the longest as only small sections can be straightened at a time to ensure no strand gets left behind. As the last few hairs were straightened, I instantly saw the effect.

My hair was shiny, evidently healthier and softer than it’s ever been. I was instructed not to wet my hair for 72 hours to ensure a longer treatment lifespan. I was also told not to tie my hair back or use any clips as any kink in my hair could potentially ruin the treatment.

The Results

After waiting the required 72 hours to wash my hair, I showered and let it air dry to see if the Keratin really eliminated the frizz. Within a couple hours of showering, I was ecstatic at the results. My hair had lost around 30 percent of its natural curl because there was no frizz. It was smooth, soft and very, very healthy. The verdict? If you have thick, frizzy hair and spend way too much time (and money) trying to manage it, you need this treatment. Now, I can’t see myself living without it.

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