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Jenni Kanye is the queen of casual, comfortable living. Her signature minimalist style has earned her countless fans, and her namesake brand helps devotees adopt the look in their own homes. Here, Kayne gives Artful Living readers an exclusive look inside her inspiring Los Angeles abode, discussing her design approach, favorite spaces and top advice for creating a home you love.

How did you approach the design of your home?

We built our home from the ground up to create a space that reflects the way our family lives. From the plans to the build, we found the perfect match with Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, who worked in collaboration with Los Angeles firm Kovac Design Studio and landscape designer Christine London.

Vincent is an architect who I had always admired from afar. I was really inspired by the look of Belgian design and the feel of California architecture. To bring this vision to life, Vincent focused on lime-washed brick, plaster, oak and soft, organic materials, centering the entire design around moments spent outside.

Rooms are designed with everyday moments and moods in mind. The master bedroom is simple and serene. The kitchen looks out to the backyard, which is perfect for us as a family since we’re always enjoying moments in nature. The sunken den is outfitted for movies and is built for kid-friendly fun, and there are small details throughout the space that aim to bring people together. It’s really a space built for all of life’s most special moments.

Photography by Nicki Sebastian

What are some of your favorite decor, design or architectural elements?

The house is nestled into the hillside, which makes the space feel as if it has been there forever, plus there’s an easy flow that really inspires the best of California living. Windows in the great room and doors from the kitchen open up to relaxed moments outside, and there’s a natural clarity connecting our home to its surroundings. I love how weeknight dinners flow from the kitchen island to the yard, seasonal centerpieces take shape in the garden, and my kids are always running around outside.

What are some of your family’s favorite summertime spots?

We love spending time by the pool and relaxing in the sun. It’s almost impossible for us to not spend a day there once the sun is shining! We also love to bring the animals up from the barn and let everyone roam free on the hillside underneath the trees. My daughter, Ripley, has so much fun with all of the animals, and it’s always so great to see everyone outside together. In the evening, we’ll host friends in the backyard with homemade pizzas made in our wood-fire oven. My favorite summer nights end with everyone at our fire pit for s’mores and drinks.

Artful Living | An Exclusive Tour of Jenni Kayne’s California Home

Photography by Nicki Sebastian

Where do you spend most of your time and why does this space bring you joy?

The kitchen! I think the kitchen is the heart of every home, and with three kids and constant guests filtering into our space, it feels as if there’s always something going on in the kitchen. I also love to entertain and cook, so the kitchen is a place I easily find myself in, whether I’m taking phone calls, making dinner or catching up with my kids.

How has your home’s aesthetic evolved over time?

When we started to design our current home, it was fun to look back and see how our taste has shifted over the years. Generally speaking, I’d say my aesthetic has evolved to embody a look and feel that’s even more relaxed and neutral. I’ve spent more time curating quality classics to ensure that my home can stand the test of time.

Artful Living | An Exclusive Tour of Jenni Kayne’s California Home

Photography by Nicki Sebastian

Finally, what’s your recipe for creating a home you love?

It’s about the people who fill your home — not the things! Create a space that people will feel at ease in and they will never want to leave. But, most importantly, design a home that feels like a true reflection of you and the way you aim to live. You can redesign a room a thousand times, but it won’t be a place you love until it feels authentic and welcoming.

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