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Talla Skogmo Interior Design

Talla Skogmo, ASID

Top tip: Don’t design a space for others; design it for yourself. If you cook or use caterers, make sure it works for you and your family.

Common misconception: That one must adhere to the work triangle. There is much more to a kitchen than the ancient work triangle.

How to get inspired: The world is out there for clients to see thanks to websites like Houzz and Pinterest. But I think that beautiful magazines are still the best. Tell us what you like, but more importantly, tell us what you don’t like.

Single upgrade that makes a big impact: Fabulous appliances. I grew up with Chambers appliances, which were the be-all, end-all commercial appliances from the fifties. Design your kitchen around the amazing cooking appliances available.

A classic that will never go out of style: Antiques are always a welcome addition to any space, be it a beautiful table or chest, or a piece of ancient china or pottery. If these can be combined with more modern pieces, all the better.

Trend you love: I’m not sure this is truly a trend, but I learned from my mother that the most inviting kitchen is a beautiful room to cook in.

Trend you’re over: Too much granite. I say this with some reticence hoping not to offend, but there are so many marvelous countertop options available for beautiful kitchens.

Secret to great kitchen design: How many times do you hear “Everyone ends up in the kitchen?” It’s so true, so make it a comfortable, flexible, accommodating room.

Your company’s trademark: We create interiors designed to live as beautifully as they are.

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