DESIGNS! | Susan Hoffman Interior Designs

Susan Hoffman, ASID 
Owner and principal designer

Top tip: Cabinetry, lighting and appliances dictate the essence of the home. It really varies so much depending on the client’s taste and budget, and what is possible. The kitchen has the maximum impact on the lives of the inhabitants since so much time is spent there. It is also the place where guests can appreciate the design of your space because gathering there is so natural.

Common misconception: That an interior designer is not needed. We are trained and educated, and can assimilate all things for a functional, exciting space.

How to get inspired: Houzz, magazines and house tours provide inspiration. Anything you experience — if it is well done — can inspire you.

Single upgrade that makes a big impact: Cabinet hardware is the least expensive upgrade. Paint is also a bargain. Changing lighting can have a big impact and is reasonable compared to countertops, cabinetry and appliances.

A classic that will never go out of style: Well-constructed, simple cabinetry can last the lifetime of a home. With good bones, you can change countertops, lighting, hardware, paint or wallpaper for a whole new look and feel.

Trend you love: I don’t like trends. Classic, good design is timeless. We appreciate the use of organic, earthy elements.

Trend you’re over: The idea of “If you love it, use it, no matter the color or style.” Discord from mismatched elements leads to waste. That often happens when “I just have to have it” is the driving force.

Secret to great kitchen design: Simple, cohesive elements make for timeless designs. Small touches that reflect the client are meaningful.

Your company’s trademark: Making each space uniquely the homeowners’ through non-formulaic design. Some firms offer plan A, B or C. A true professional does not repeat. We are known for our attention to detail and our color sense.

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