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Photography by Natasha D’Schommer, Bryce Edwards and Corey Gaffer

Twist Interior Design

Sandy LaMendola

Pattern: Anything boldly graphic, especially letters and numbers. I also adore the pattern of a beautiful subtle weave — a texture, really — that quietly expresses itself. Done well, nuance is a potent design tool.

Luxurious touch: Fresh flowers and live plants.

Texture: Irregular textures — scraped and marred — are my favorites as the lack of control renders a more evolved aesthetic outcome that celebrates the individual character each piece offers.

Paint color: Farrow & Ball Railings, which is rich, direct and impactful.

Aesthetic: I love the glamour of French deco. I’m also drawn to mountain architecture; it’s rugged with a high level of material integrity.

Inspiration sources: Cultural influences the world over: the use of pattern with reckless abandon in Italy and Morocco; the peaceful symbols from Japan and other parts of Asia; the sumptuous dyes in fabrics from France and India; the cave paintings and other early symbolic writing from tribal culture.

Design mantra: Walk between the raindrops — meaning see beyond the obvious to find the essence of a space.

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