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Hendel Homes

Rick and Amy Hendel

Your company’s trademark: This is who we are: a builder who leads the construction process, communicates strongly, implements quality, and understands architecture and design.

How to get inspiredTravel to destinations that incorporate your architectural style; these could be boutique hotels, certain parts of the world or show houses featured in national magazines.

Trend you love: Bringing windows down to countertops or almost to the floor consistently throughout a new home. This really enhances the indoor/outdoor relationship while showcasing high-end design.

Trend you’re over: Too much gray paint — it is devoid of imagination. There are so many colors out there; add an accent wall or create a space that is more exciting than a blank slate.

Most memorable project: Building a home on a lake, where the homeowner wanted an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a sport court and an ice rink. So fun for the kids, it could be called Disney North.

Secret to a great project: When selecting your builder, trust is critical. Every homeowner must trust the builder to manage the costs and quality of the project, because a home becomes one of your most valuable assets. Find a compatible relationship between you and the builder as this person will be a big part of your life for the next few months to years as you create your home.

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