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Peter Hagstrom

Reason to build: The biggest reason to build is that you have the ability to have exactly the home that your dollar can afford. You can start from scratch and create your vision to your fullest extent, picking your lot, your home style, your lifestyle elements. No other experience will allow you such flexibility and no outcome will offer you such reward.

Top tip: Ask questions. It’s amazing how few questions people interviewing a prospective contractor ask. Remember this involves two of the most important things to a family: your home and your money. This is an investment, and you should balance emotional desires with business savvy.

Common misconception: That the lowest bid is the one you should go with. Better builders will all tell you this is actually a red flag. Comparable bids, considering all the pertinent, necessary elements, should be within a decent range of one another. If there is one that is substantially lower, buyer beware.

Trend you love: I love mixing finishes in a home and believe that the beauty of the home is found in the details. In my latest project, a modern farmhouse, I combined white oak and bead board with custom steel staircase rails and concrete bathroom vessels. The juxtaposition of finishes creates an unexpected sophistication.

Trend you’re over: Infill homes that all look the same. While I strongly believe that a new home in an existing neighborhood should be harmonious, it certainly doesn’t need to be homogeneous.

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