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Lucy Penfield

Your definition of luxury: A feast for our eyes, luxury tantalizes our senses and charms our taste as we revel in beauty. It feels like being swaddled in cashmere, draped in puddles of silk and layered with Italian linens. Luxury is the splendor of good design.

How to embody opulence: To embody opulence with grace, modesty and good fortune without pageantry or fanfare is the ultimate display of humility, gratefulness and compassion.Spaces can be opulent without being grand, and design can be tasteful without being showy. The subtlety of surprise, whimsy and unexpected combinations embodies opulence in its pure state.

How to get inspired: Slip away into a quiet place, bring along a little journal for notes and sketches, turn on your favorite music, and ponder. Quiet the mind, think of a dreamy getaway, picture your favorite color, recall the scents of an exquisite dinner and replay the laughter of a fun-filled evening. Now take a moment to jot down your thoughts or sketch some images. Our inspiration is often deep within us, and we just don’t allow the time to find it. During the collaborative and interactive design process, these inspirations surface and come to life right in front of your eyes. Your design partners are often just advocates to help make your dream a reality.

Trend you love: I love the trend of the non-trend. I’m tantalized by the undecorated style of decorating — that is to say, decorating so it looks as though we have not been there. Decorate for you (not the designer), your style and your family.

Set aside all those nonsensical trends that come and go. When I was a budding designer, my mentor guided me to mindfully create, always keeping at the forefront the classic elements of good architecture, art and design. All those foundational building blocks of form and function prevail when we set aside trends and let our own design wishes come to fruition.

A classic that will never go out of style: Just like that little black dress or handsome pair of loafers, a clean-lined, tuxedo-style sofa will be loved for generations. It can be styled in velvet or upholstered in linen, but no matter the draping, the bones remain classic.

Most memorable project: That special project where the stars align between all design partners and the client, whereby meetings are thought-provoking, exciting and rich with discussion.

Your company’s trademark: Lucy loves color. That is to say, we love the power of color (or lack of color) to evoke emotion.

Photography by Steve Henke

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