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Andy Johnsrud
New home and major
Remodeling sales and design

A classic that will never go out of style: A very functional, well-finished layout that works today and tomorrow for you and your family.

Most memorable challenge: Building a second- and third-story addition while a family of five — including an infant — lived on the main and lower levels comfortably.

Single upgrade that makes a huge impact: Using reclaimed wood in wall and ceiling design.

Trend you love: The mixing of stained wood and painted wood.

Trend you’re over: Super dark woodwork.

Common misconception: That a project can be completed in two weeks, like a homeowner saw on TV.

Your company’s trademark: The craftsmen we employ.

Top tip: Due diligence. Get the contractor’s client references and banking references — and actually call them! And make sure you are getting what you and your family want and need today and in the future — not something somebody else thinks you should have.

How homeowners can help: Sitting down together and putting together a list of goals for the project. Think about what is important today and what will remain important 10 years from now.


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