Amy E. Haglin Interior Design

Amy Haglin
Owner and designer

Top tip: Have your space represent you and the way that you love to entertain and live.

Common misconception: That a home is too small or modest to warrant working with an interior designer. As a designer, it is my job to work within budgets of all kinds to make your home unique and comfortable for you and your family.

How to get inspired: Gain inspiration through travel. Most people crave a luxurious feeling while they are away, so let’s bring that feeling into your home so we can create that lifestyle every day.

Single upgrade that makes a big impact: Unique countertop surfaces. There are so many types now to choose from: glass, butcher block, concrete, stainless steel, marble, lava, ecofriendly selections, the almighty granite and of course quartz.

A classic that will never go out of style: Great lighting and adequate storage will keep your kitchen timeless.

Trend you love: Mixing finishes and textures. By bringing together the cabinetry, countertop surfaces, and the tile for the walls and backsplash, you are incorporating many finishes and textures.

Trend you’re over: Short kitchen cabinets and only using recessed lighting. I say add dimension to the ceiling by adding fixtures. It makes a world of difference to have layered lighting in any room, but especially the kitchen, where you need task, accent and ambient lighting to create a comfortable space.

Secret to great kitchen design: Functionality for each specific client is key. I create zones where activities are done — though not necessarily the work triangle. This will maximize the efficiency for times when there’s more than one cook in the kitchen.

Your company’s trademark: My customer service and attention to detail. I enjoy working with the whole team that makes this happen, from the architects to the builders and their crews — not to mention the showrooms and the stores where I source my products. I enjoy giving the homeowner a feeling of ease and confidence that I truly love what I do.

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