Inside the Artist’s Studio is Artful Living’s exclusive look into the innovative, intimate lifestyles of creatives. The studio is a place of curating, of inspiring, of creating. These distinctive spaces play an essential role in the artist’s process and are a direct reflection of the personality and attention to detail that go into each work of art.

Artist Abbey Holden recently returned to Minneapolis after working as a print designer for resortwear queen Lilly Pulitzer. Only a month into her time back in Minnesota, she is excited to see how her work unfolds in a new space.

How would you describe your studio?

I live and work out of A-Mill Artist Lofts in the old Pillsbury building, which has wonderful historic elements. I share the studio with other resident painters, which allows for a creative and collaborative environment. I love having a space where I can spread out my work, bounce ideas off other artists and genuinely get into my painting groove.

How long have you been in this space?

Only one month! I moved back to Minneapolis after living out East for some time and am just starting to get familiar with my surroundings here. I’m so excited to see my art evolve in this environment.

What are your studio must-haves?

Good music is my biggest source for creativity! Natural light and bare feet also help me feel grounded and ready to paint.

How does this space foster creativity?

My studio has skylights that provide great variations in natural light throughout the day as well as a wonderful view overlooking the river and the Minneapolis skyline. I have loved working in a shared space — art can be an isolating job if you let it, so working around others helps boost productivity and inspiration.

What’s the best part of having a studio in Minneapolis?

I’ve found Minneapolis to be filled with impressively creative, driven and talented people. There’s a unique sense of encouragement and uplifting intentions between creatives here, which is so special. It’s clear to me Minneapolis genuinely cares for and supports the arts. I truly believe I wouldn’t have the success I have now in any other city! I’m often overwhelmed with gratitude knowing I get to pursue my calling on a daily basis in this wonderful city.