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Amangiri is in the middle of nowhere. And, to be very clear, that’s entirely on purpose. It’s one of the main reasons the exclusive Canyon Point, Utah — wait, where? — property is such a coveted destination for celebrities and elite travelers alike. Getting there involves a series of flights or a scenic road trip from, most often, Phoenix or Las Vegas. But trust us, it’s well worth the trouble.

We opted to fly into nearby Page Municipal Airport and let a driver bring us the rest of the way. Which really was for the best, because I’m not sure we would have found our way otherwise. At the end of a series of long and winding roads, up rises a geometric concrete fortress seemingly right out of the untouched southern Utah desert. Surrounding the 600-acre property are five national parks, numerous national monuments and the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American reservation in the country.

One of 33 ultra luxe resorts around the globe from acclaimed hotel group Aman, Amangiri has just 34 suites. All have fireplaces, terraces, unreal views and private courtyard entrances; some also boast pools and sky terraces with daybeds. There’s an incredible feeling of seclusion here, so much so that you may wonder if you and your traveling companion are the only guests on property. Even the most well-traveled of Aman junkies will tell you there’s no place quite like this.

Curled around a rock escarpment, the swimming pool is simply breathtaking and beckons you to its warm waters. Treatments at the spa — from facials and massages to crystal sound baths and floatation therapy — employ Navajo healing traditions to restore hózhó, meaning “beauty, harmony, balance and health.” Fitness offerings include a well-equipped gym, personal training sessions, and Pilates and yoga classes. Not to be overlooked is the excellent cuisine, from the cast-iron pancake at breakfast to the fry bread taco for lunch to the buffalo filet mignon come dinnertime.

But the name of the game here is adventure. Onsite excursions range from hiking one of the many picturesque trails to saddling up for a guided horseback ride to challenging yourself on a via ferrata climbing route. Nearby natural wonders include Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, the Colorado River and Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, among others. Taking to the sky by plane, helicopter or hot-air balloon is the best way to take in the otherworldly landscape.

Perhaps best of all, there’s no need to consciously disconnect. There’s no digital detox ploy here. And that’s because the Amangiri experience is so all-encompassing that you can’t help but live in the moment. You can’t help but stand in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds you. And, if you’ve done it right, you can’t help but bring some of that childlike wonder back with you upon your return to reality.

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