Photography provided by FUSE

International Market Square’s FUSE showroom is a destination for interior designers, architects and other design aficionados. Products are sourced from around the world and are key to creating award-winning spaces. We sat down with the FUSE team to learn more about the company’s presence in the Twin Cities design community.

What inspires your work?

Our team is constantly challenged and energized by the Twin Cities design community’s award-winning commercial, residential, hospitality and workplace environments. We’re inspired by art and travel — seeing how other people interact in their communities. Our partners blow our minds with the ways they design, engineer and manufacture while preserving the forests, utilizing renewable resources and using recycled products to create everything from fabrics to furniture.

How does IMS help your designs come to life?

Home to an incredible collection of architects, builders and designers, IMS is unlike any other design center in the country. Architecturally, IMS is truly one-of-a-kind. The large atrium and glass ceiling allow light to illuminate the building, inspiring us to design and curate beautiful environments.

What pieces, styles or trends are you loving right now?

At FUSE, we source products from destinations all over the world, including New York City, California, Spain, Belgium and Denmark. We love the mix of modern and natural as we believe that residential and commercial spaces are more beautiful and enjoyable when they reflect a love of art, a passion for travel and a desire for something unique.

What is your design mantra?

Beauty, honesty, sustainability.

Why is IMS important in the Twin Cities design community?

IMS is the literal cornerstone of the Twin Cities’ creative corridor. For decades, IMS has been home to dozens of exceptional design professionals and a destination for clients who want the best in design. As this neighborhood along Glenwood Avenue continues to develop, IMS will remain the center of our design community.