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Ick Embroidery is an up-and-coming Twin Cities design studio that has built a reputation for its stylish signature approach to jewelry and embroidery, crafting pieces that range from elegant to witty, simple to super intricate. Here, founder Paige discusses their creative process, their affinity for the art of embroidery and jewelry, and more.

Artful Living | How Ick Embroidery Amplifies Personal Style

Photography provided by Ick Embroidery

When did your creative passion for embroidery begin?

Embroidery is something I picked up during the pandemic. I was furloughed and doing it for my own enjoyment. Now it has turned into something larger. I watched a few YouTube videos and taught myself from there. I’ve always been creative and good at making things with my hands, so it was a natural progression for me.

What drew you to the art of embroidery?

When I embroider a piece, it feels like an accessory to the garment or good I’ve added it to. I would say that accessories are actually my chosen medium. In addition to doing custom embroidery projects, I also make jewelry. I love how adding a little (or not so little) item to your outfit can change the overall aesthetic and make it so special. I approach my personal expression that way, and it’s something I love to offer to other people as a way to celebrate what makes them unique.

Artful Living | How Ick Embroidery Amplifies Personal Style

Where do you source inspiration for the pieces you create?

I find inspiration everywhere! Right now, I am loving imagery from Y2K-era jewelry brand Soft and Sticky. Also, Zoe Kravitz’s wardrobe in High Fidelity.

Regarding my process with embroidery, I start with a vintage item of clothing and sketch the imagery on top of it then disassemble it to start the embroidering of it. For jewelry, I like playing with heavy and soft materials, like pairing a large piece of silver and a small pearl, or big pearls with little ones for an overall delicate vibe. Both creative processes happen pretty organically, following whatever feels right in that moment.

Are there any favorite pieces you’ve made recently?

I have a white freshwater pearl necklace and a mismatched chain necklace that are my favorite jewelry pieces. I also found a pair of white jeans that I added fun black and red embroidery to that I think are very cool. I’ve been working on a collection of pieces with local vintage shop LEGACY, and I’m loving it.

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