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Photography provided by Blue Lagoon Iceland

Iceland is pure and wild, with raging waterfalls, explosive geysers and bountiful geothermal mineral waters unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else on planet Earth. People come from all over the world to soak in the warm healing waters. The country’s top swimming hole is the Blue Lagoon. Its aquamarine liquid is high in algae and silica, substances known for their natural medicinal powers.

Situated in a secluded part of the lagoon, the Retreat is a five-star spa hotel boasting 62 suites. The timeless, sophisticated aesthetic was shaped by top Icelandic architects and Italian designers and is set against a natural backdrop of volcanic rock, moss and snow.

The onsite spa is carved into an 800-year-old lava field. Offerings include dry heat, steam heat, massage, fire, lounging, relaxation and the like. The signature in-lagoon massage is unparalleled. Taking place in the open waters, it involves a mineral-salt scrub, algae or silica application, and a 60-minute waterborne massage. Every spa visit concludes with the Blue Lagoon Ritual, in which guests are taught to apply a trifecta of natural treasures: algae, silica and minerals.

The spa eatery serves locally sourced seafood and seasonal produce, while the high-end Moss Restaurant features gourmet multi-course menus. Available for tours, the subterranean wine cellar possesses a collection of rare and outstanding varietals from around the globe.

Guests at the Retreat are assigned a team of hosts for the duration of their stay that manages itineraries, confirms tour bookings and even makes midnight wake-up calls to alert the arrival of the Northern Lights. Bringing together architecture, design and well-being in an unprecedented fashion, the Retreat feels otherworldly. 

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