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A Super Bowl party is like no other, especially if you happen to live in the host city. All eyes will be on Minneapolis come February, calling for an affair that befits the occasion.

Food and drink are key to any gathering, but especially this one. Watching people play football makes spectators hungry. Variety is essential, as the festivities start early and end late.

an artful super bowl lii soiree

Photography by 2nd Truth

Ensure the bar is well-stocked and conveniently located so guests can serve themselves. Offer several beverages, including water. Serve a signature drink from an oversize punch bowl or trophy bowl, and present fare on silver trays to elevate simple staples to swagger status.

Your guests will be eating from the moment they arrive until they have stuffed themselves with dessert. Lay out a wide array of snacks around the room where people can easily access them. I like to have both a sweet and savory option available at the bar at all times.

One of my favorite Super Bowl Sunday traditions is playing games (think riddles and word searches) during downtime. It’s the one day of the year when people actually want to watch commercials, so offer your guests scorecards for keeping tabs on their favorites. Have plenty of sharpened pencils and prizes on hand. I love testing my quarterback skills by tossing out swag throughout the affair. After all, regardless of the outcome on the field, it’s all about the game.

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