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Over the past decade, Los Angeles–based fine jewelry house Hoorsenbuhs has cemented its status as a force in the luxury fashion world and beyond. The brand’s signature style has garnered a bona-fide roster of A-list clientele and highbrow collaborations with creatives across many industries. Ahead of Hoorsenbuhs’ December showcase at the Loupe by JB Hudson, founder Robert Keith shares the inspiration behind the brand’s signature tri-link ring, some of his most memorable client experiences and more.

Photography provided by Hoorsenbuhs

What inspired you to launch Hoorsenbuhs?

Hoorsenbuhs organically transpired as a way to express my creativity when I had discovered my curiosity for the alchemy and history of gold and precious stones.

What was the inspiration for the now iconic gold tri-link ring?

This particular ring was the manifestation of two unique components. The first was a photo of a docked merchant ship found in my family’s archives. The second came from the seventies — the era of opulence, glamour and decadence. It’s the sublime mixture of both of these that inspired the creation of my first ring.

Hoorsenbuhs has been styled on a number of A-listers. Can you share a few notable client experiences?

There have been so many beautiful moments along the journey that I’m very grateful for. We made a special piece for Sir Elton John and hand delivered it to him and his husband, David Furnish. Another was a visit at our atelier by Ringo Starr. There was also the moment a client bought a couple of necklaces that resulted in a check from Barack and Michelle Obama — which is now framed sitting near my desk. There are so many moments and stories that I’m extremely grateful for having. It has truly been a wild ride!

What are some of your favorite collections and collaborations to date?

That’s such a huge question because I don’t want to leave anybody out. As far as the collections are concerned, they are like my children that I’ve poured so much love and energy into. Two great collaborations were with artist Damien Hirst and with Jay-Z for Barneys New York. Our most recent collaboration with Spinelli Kilcollin is going great. It’s called the 333 collection, which is my angel number.

How do you hope someone feels while wearing a Hoorsenbuhs piece?

Holding the sacred space on another person’s physical body for the sake of adornment is a very special thing. I would hope they feel sexy, confident, unique, abundant, joyful and connected to a blessed source of energy. That’s what I’m striving for, and hopefully that translates somehow.

What exciting upcoming projects can you share with us?

We have new collections coming out. I don’t push out seasonal offerings or try for particular dates to launch them. Collections come when they come and not until it passes certain criteria. Our eyewear collection is new, and it’s impeccably magnificent. Also, our lifestyle division is ramping up. And we also have a new store being built in the Ginza area of Tokyo. It will be filled with all of Hoorsenbuhs’ offerings from all divisions.

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