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At Henri Interiors, it’s all in the details. We find it very important to dive deep into a client’s inspiration at the beginning of each project to learn who they are, what they love to do and where they enjoy traveling most. From there, we use the personal knowledge we’ve gained to best determine how to expertly implement every single element — big or small — that’s incorporated throughout their finished design.

As part of our client designs, Interior Stylist Hannah Tillou keenly curates accessory packages that serve as the final factor that ties everything together and makes spaces feel highly personalized and special. Here, Tillou provides a closer look at her styling process and offers some key takeaways that she practices in every project she touches.

Artful Living | How Henri Interiors Curates Every Unique Detail of a Space

Photography by Taylor Hall O’Brien

Inspire with Art

One of my favorite ways to inject personality into any space is by incorporating artwork that resonates with the clients, which is a key point our team hits during the inspiration phase. We like to source collected works from artists like Joe Banda, Jennifer Davis and Suyao Tian. We’ll also use paintings created by our artistic clients or curate bespoke pieces that invoke a feeling reminiscent of the client‘s style. Artwork is highly personal and can tie interiors together beautifully, which is why we love it so much.

Artful Living | How Henri Interiors Curates Every Unique Detail of a Space

Mix Old with New

When collecting styling pieces for a project, I often spend a few days thrifting and shopping at local markets to find unique objects that fit the client’s personality and style. I tend to navigate toward beautiful candle holders, glassware, pottery and vases. Some of my other favorite things to look for are funky metal pieces, reclaimed-wood objects and vintage crystals and textural treasures. These elements provide a visual impact that cannot be recreated because each discovery is a one-of-a-kind.

Artful Living | How Henri Interiors Curates Every Unique Detail of a Space

Add a Pop of Color

Though the usual aesthetic of Henri Interiors is very neutral, the entire team finds it exciting and important to implement a few pops of color throughout each project to ensure every space is a true representation of our clients. An easy way to add hues to interiors without overdoing it is by staging coffee table books or delicate vases that add character and warmth in a very organic way.

Artful Living | How Henri Interiors Curates Every Unique Detail of a Space

Floral It Up

When it comes to adding finishing touches to a client’s home, I never leave an install without staging fresh florals or greenery to serve as a statement piece. In doing so, I believe less is more. I oftentimes use tall branches or green stems foraged from the outdoors to add height and a natural element to a space. I love to display florals by using a pin frog to create whimsical, eye-catching arrangements with earth-toned florals. In doing so, it provides a uniquely tailored yet natural look.

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