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Low-alcohol and nonalcoholic drinks are on the rise, staking their claim in the market in major ways. More and more consumers are opting for lighter libation options in an effort to be more present, form deeper connections with those around them, sleep better and feel better the next day. Personally, I tend to opt for a lower ABV beverage when I go out, usually ordering something bubbly or a light beer. I do love the taste of a craft cocktail but typically can only enjoy one because they can get pretty boozy. Recently, due to the genius influence of targeted ads, I discovered a new brand that’s adding its flavors to this trending movement: Haus.

Haus came to be when its founders discovered a gap in the market for something that poses a more mindful option and contains zero questionable additives. The base of the brand’s aperitif is made with locally sourced chardonnay grapes, and the flavor profiles are crafted from real elderflower, lemon, clove, star anise and raw cane sugar. Haus has two flagship flavors, citrus flower and bitter clove, and the brand seasonally features limited runs of other varieties, like last summer’s rose rosé.

Because I lean toward a fruitier cocktail, the citrus flower is definitely my favorite. I love an Aperol Spritz, so I crafted my own concoction in a similar way using the aperitif. It wasn’t overly sweet, and I could really taste each ingredient of the flavor profile. Bonus: Haus citrus flower has 80% less sugar that Aperol. My boyfriend prefers the bitter clove as he is a big whiskey fan. He enjoyed his on the rocks, describing it as warm and not overly spicy.

Looking to expand from online-exclusive to a liquor store near you, Haus is a perfect ally for the sober curious and beyond. Here’s to ingredients you can feel good about — and to feeling even better the next day.

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