Photography by Eliesa Johnson

When Gavin Kaysen returned to Minnesota after seven years as executive chef at New York City’s acclaimed Café Boulud, no one expected that his empire would expand so quickly — not even him. But here we are, three restaurants deep after just five years. All are part of his Soigné Hospitality group and are overseen by a culinary dream team: Kaysen himself, Chris Nye as executive chef, Diane Moua as executive pastry chef and Robb Jones as bar director. Not sure which eatery is for you? Here’s a guide to his expanding empire to make the decision a little easier. As for snagging a reservation, though — that just keeps getting harder as the supernova’s star continues to rise.

Photography by Jaimee Morse

Spoon & Stable

Established: 2014

Neighborhood: North Loop

Pronunciation: spun ænd steɪb(ə)l

Format: À la carte

Vibe, According to Kaysen: Like a party, vivacious, energetic

Cuisine, According to Kaysen: Modern American 

Chef de Cuisine: James Passafaro

Seats: 123

Price Point: $$

Difficulty Securing a Reservation: Eat-dinner-at-5-or-9 tough

Pre-Meal Fasting Period: Four hours

Name Inspiration: An ode to Kaysen’s penchant for swiping spoons from his favorite restaurants and a nod to the space’s former use as a stable.

Photography by Eliesa Johnson


Established: 2017

Neighborhood: Wayzata

Pronunciation: bel-kɔr (No, not Bella)

Format: À la carte

Vibe, According to Kaysen: Comforting, the family room

Cuisine, According to Kaysen: French bistro

Chef de Cuisine: Laurence Herbert

Seats: 171 (counting the patio)

Price Point: $$

Difficulty Securing a Reservation: Eat-dinner-on-a-weekday tough

Pre-Meal Fasting Period: Four hours

Name Inspiration: The bustling town center of Place Bellecour in Lyon, France, home of two of his friend/mentors: Daniel Boulud and Paul Bocuse.

Photography by Libby Anderson


Established: 2019

Neighborhood:North Loop

Pronunciation: demi (as in Lovato, not Moore)

Format: Tasting menu

Vibe, According to Kaysen: Bold, creative, free of expectation and full of delivery

Cuisine, According to Kaysen: American fine dining

Chef de Cuisine: Adam Ritter

Seats: 20

Price Point: $$$

Difficulty Securing a Reservation: Eat-dinner-in-June tough

Pre-Meal Fasting Period: All day

Name Inspiration: Short for demitasse, meaning little spoon. As in a diminutive eatery tucked right behind Spoon and Stable. (Of course he did.)

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