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Kicking off on January 26, The Great Northern celebrates Minnesota’s cold and creative winters with 10 days of diverse programming that invigorates the mind and body. In an era of climate change that threatens the region’s signature season, the festival seeks to create community, inspire action, and share the resilient spirit of the North with the world. Mark your calendars for these 5 don’t-miss experiences at this year’s festival.

Photography provided by The Great Northern

Wim Hof Method Workshop

Sand Valley is the ultimate secluded getaway set among 12,000 acres of tumbling sand dunes in central Wisconsin and is bringing a Wim Hof workshop to the festival. The Wim Hof Method is a key element of Sand Valley’s annual wellness weekend. This exciting workshop will take place January 29 at Silverwood Park.

On Being Live with Krista Tippett and Colette Pichon Battle

On January 27, New York Times best-selling author Krista Tippett will interview Colette Pichon Battle for a special live event and podcast recording at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Pichon Battle is the founder of the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, a nonprofit firm and justice center with a mission to advance structural shifts toward climate justice and ecological equity in communities of color.

Waffles & Ski with Karyn Tomlinson

Celebrated Myriel chef Karyn Tomlinson and her team have partnered with the Loppet Foundation to produce a specialty culinary experience on January 30 amongst the wintry trails of Theodore Wirth Park. Participants will hit the trails and stop at a station midway through to enjoy waffles, hot ham and cheese buns, and more.

Learning From Place: Bdote

Taking place January 30, Learning from Place: Bdote is an immersive experience offered by the Minnesota Humanities Center inviting participants to visit, inhabit and expand their understanding of Twin Cities sites with deep significance to the Dakota people. Participants will learn to reconsider their relationship to all life through stories and perspectives often left out of Minnesota’s history.

Dope Labs Live Podcast

Titi Shodiya and Zakiya Whatley are scientists, best friends and hosts of Dope Labs, a weekly podcast that turns the scientific lens on pop culture. During a live show on February 2, they’ll be putting all things winter and the events of the Great Northern Festival under their microscope. Their mission is to show that science is everywhere and that it’s for everybody.

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