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Imagine your home designed with garage and entry doors that capture the timeless beauty of wood yet require almost no upkeep. Great Northern Door’s DURA-EEZ™ Garage and Entry Doors, turned this vision into a reality. Here, luxury meets practicality, offering stunning design with minimal maintenance and a commitment to sustainability.

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Beautiful, Wood-Like Options

At Great Northern Door, we believe that your home should showcase both elegance and resilience. Our doors are engineered with DURA-EEZ™ Technology and the advanced material sciences of AZEK®. Available in 10 realistic wood-like colors and 18 unique designs, these doors can be customized to complement your home’s aesthetic perfectly, making a lasting first impression.

The company’s patented DURA-EEZ technology fuses advanced recycled plastics with wood from sustainably harvested forests to offer the door industry the very best looking, highest performing, and lowest maintenance doors on the market.

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Strength on the Outside, Warmth on the Inside

Why choose between exterior strength and interior beauty when you can have both? Our Split Species Entry Doors combine the tough, weather-resistant exterior of DURA-EEZ™ composite material with the inviting warmth of natural wood on the inside. This innovative fusion ensures your home remains protected from the elements while maintaining a cozy and luxurious interior ambiance.

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Why Choose DURA-EEZ™?

Low Maintenance: Low maintenance, easy to clean, are water, stain, and rot resistant, and best of all comes without the hassles of upfront finishing and yearly maintenance.

Exceptional Durability: 50 year warranty, built to withstand harsh weather conditions, these doors retain their beauty year after year.

Customizable: Choose from a paintable finish or 10 wood grain colors.

Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled materials and sustainably harvested wood, DURA-EEZ™ doors are a responsible environmental choice.

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Make a Lasting Impression

Transform your home with the elegance and durability of DURA-EEZ™ Garage and Entry Doors. Enjoy the perfect blend of style, strength, and sustainability, knowing you’ve chosen a product that offers both high performance and low maintenance. To find a dealer near you, visit

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