Take your taste buds on a culinary escapade in South Minneapolis by visiting chef Jamie Malone’s French bistro, Grand Cafe. This quaint restaurant is decked out with minimalist design elements that convey a most impeccable taste, greeting its patrons with warmth the moment they step foot inside. The eatery also offers its own take on a classic happy-hour special with its one-of-a-kind experience that goes by the name of Snack Attack!

Quite literally a snack stampede, the weekly special features a variety of traditional French bites as well as some of Grand Cafe’s signature staples. Between the two tiers available, we suggest you go big or go home and pull the trigger on tier No. 2 because every dish that arrives at the table stands up to the one that has come before, like the delicate gougères with rosemary Parmesan cream followed by the crab cake tea sandwich with cucumber and Kewpie mayo. The eatery also dishes up its own take on the American classic smash burger (which we may or may not have fought over for the last bite). The culinary architects in the kitchen at Grand Cafe have certainly mastered the art of effortless French flair.

Photography provided by Grand Cafe

In true European fashion, we ended our Snack Attack with a post-meal digestif. The amaro bar cart truly steals the show as the grand finale. For an additional cost, any table can enjoy as much of whichever amaro or vermouth, bitter or sweet that tickles each guest’s individual fancy.

All told, whichever way you chooses to indulge at Grand Cafe will be an experience in a class of its own. Our time at the eatery was nothing short of lovely, thanks in no small part to the exceptionally knowledgeable staff, who can explain not only what delectable fare is on the menu but also the origins and inspirations for each dish. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we can’t think of a better place to celebrate with a loved one than Grand Cafe.