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Photography provided by Grand Bohemian Charleston

It doesn’t get more charming than Charleston, South Carolina. And the best spot from which to experience all of the city’s Southern comfort is hands down the Grand Bohemian Charleston. Part of the esteemed Kessler Collection, the art-driven boutique hotel has been a favorite among locals and travelers alike since its debut back in 2015. It’s ideally situated in the heart of the stately Historic District, within walking distance of landmarks, shopping and dining.

The Grand Bohemian itself is a fully immersive artful experience. Its 50 opulent guest rooms feature bold, eclectically stylish furnishings. Tucked around literally every corner is unique original art from the likes of evocative painter Victor Wang and German neo-expressionist Peter Keil; some of it is straight from venerable hotelier Richard Kessler’s private collection. Patrons and collectors will also enjoy the expertly curated onsite gallery, which highlights artists of local, national and international renown with rotating exhibitions.

Wine connoisseurs will feel right at home here. There’s the tasting room, with 32 options on tap, letting aficionados savor a variety of varietals. That lineup is also available up on the fourth floor at inspired eatery Élevé, which excellently pairs the vino (including the exceptional Kessler blend) with its modern American fare. The adjacent rooftop terrace offers plush, vibrant wingback chairs and lounging sofas, prime spots for relaxing while taking in the cityscape.

The ultimate oenophile experience, however, is the unique wine-blending class. It’s so unique, in fact, that the Grand Bohemian is the first standalone hotel to boast such an offering. It’s a thoroughly educational and downright enjoyable take on high-school chemistry. Sommelier and instructor Peter Demarest is as affable as he is knowledgeable. Weaving in wine facts and trivia, he shepherds participants through the process, which involves sampling, nibbling and finally mixing. The end product? A bottle of a one-of-a-kind blend complete with a customized label — a way to bring home a small yet incredibly meaningful token of the Grand Bohemian.

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