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If you haven’t heard the exciting news, Australian bridal brand Grace Loves Lace is officially opening its newest show room in Minneapolis. Founder Megan Ziems set out to change the bridal industry after recognizing that the brides of today deserved better than average. She passionately believes that quality shouldn’t be dictated by a price tag and that a woman shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice style for comfort. We chatted with her to learn more about the origins of Grace Loves Lace, the importance of sustainable design and more.

Artful Living | Grace Loves Lace

Photography provided by Grace Loves Lace

How did you get started in the bridal industry?

When searching for my own wedding dress in 2010, I found the offerings were very disillusioned and embodied a traditional wedding uniform. I could not find a gown that was comfortable, unique or affordable for the kind of quality I was looking for. So I began the story of Grace Loves Lace. My team has created a whole new perspective on bridal dressing, designing gowns for women to feel confident and empowered in. Our handmade gowns are all about effortless luxury, quality and style. We design gowns that have sewn-in soul, originality and authenticity.

Artful Living | Grace Loves Lace

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating collections?

My team draws inspiration from many different elements, from music and landscapes to past and present brides. The women our brand designs for are at the core of everything we do. We listen to what brides want and shape our collections to offer beautiful, unique designs. We are driven by creating comfortable and supportive gowns and are inspired by new ways to provide this very sentiment for future brides.

How would you describe the Grace Loves Lace style?

Grace Loves Lace gowns are unique to the bridal industry. The style is relaxed, effortless and authentic. We offer elevated yet sophisticated and luxurious silhouettes that make brides feel supported, confident and comfortable on their wedding day. We steer clear of zippers, boning and corsetry, and aim for stretch and comfort instead. Our award-winning gowns work with the bride’s body, not against it.

How does the brand focus on sustainability?

For the past 10 years, we has been committed to Australian sustainable and ethical manufacturing and workplace conditions and implementing recycling and waste management initiatives wherever possible. Despite incredible business growth, Grace Loves Lace remains true and dedicated to these values. More than 80% of our gowns are made-to-order, which ensures there is never any excess stock going to a landfill. Our packaging is FSC-certified, and it’s super important to minimize carbon emissions by designing, sampling and producing every gown in our Australian studio to keep our supply chain in the same location.

Can you tell us more about Grace Loves Lace’s new Minneapolis show room?

We have sent gowns to brides based in Minneapolis for so long, and it feels like the perfect time for us to open a show room there. Minneapolis is a central location for our brides located in the North and is such a beautiful city that we feel really aligns well with our brand. We can’t wait to open!

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