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Connecting in a no-contact age has been difficult. The pandemic has punctured our illusion of invulnerability, and we were caught off-guard with little time to prepare for isolation. It is difficult to come to terms with this capricious new reality when our regular existence is disrupted in unimaginable ways.

I miss the variety of life, independence and the freedom of unlimited everyday choices. We have thrived on predictability and ordinary routines to help us feel in control. The usual things that marked our previous days have vanished, and time feels like it’s taken on a flat and seamless quality. It drives home the point that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

The safety of our homes and personal spaces has been given more meaning and has become an unfortunate symbol of privilege. Most of our situations have been severely stressed and disrupted. This includes our families, our social connections, our work and our financial positions. 

Healthcare workers and others on the frontlines are the selfless heroes of the world. They have put their own safety and well-being on the line for all of us. It is essential to respect the new rules of conduct and accepted protocols.

As we tiptoe back to our former lives, ordinary things that we long took for granted are now feeling wondrous and even a bit dangerous. I will never expect anything “as usual” ever again. Cheers to the safe resumption of life, to good health and to new possibilities.



Frank Roffers, Publisher + Editor-At-Large

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