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I founded Artful Living in 2008 and have served as its publisher ever since. Over the years, I’ve been proud to help create this award-winning independent boutique lifestyle magazine.

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us get our news and entertainment from digital media sources. Much of it is bite-sized and curated by our preferences, algorithms, and influences from companies and special interest groups.

In contrast, Artful Living is an oversize quarterly magazine intended to delight and inspire. Every issue begins with a remarkable cover, features best-in-class design and paper quality, and is packed with original content for discovery. Print magazines like ours remain a physical and permanent medium where style and substance meet.

Like the seasons we experience throughout the year, everything in our lives has its cycles — our relationships, our careers, our interests — and all of that sustains us. However, most things in life have a way of showing us when it’s time to maintain the status quo and when a time to move on.

Saying goodbye to what we know brings new beginnings, uncertainty, joy and excitement. So, with this transition, I am stepping into a new role as founder and editor-at-large here at Artful Living.

The initial idea for this magazine was mine, but today it is delivered to you by a remarkable group of 10 individuals who have created a world-class publication that never before existed in our region. Artful Living turned out beyond my wildest dreams. It has personally offered me the chance to travel the world and connect with countless notable and exceptional personalities. Moreover, it has satisfied my curious mind for seeking out and producing incredible stories that we have been honored to publish.  

Thank you to our loyal readers who eagerly await each issue and to our dedicated advertisers who underwrite this one-of-a-kind experience. I will continue to champion the brand into its bright future ahead.

Cheers to the change of seasons, to closing chapters and to new beginnings. A significant shift in life can bring us a heightened state of awareness in which we are undimmed by familiarity and are set to be transformed into whatever might be next.




Frank Roffers, Founder + Editor-at-Large

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