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Summer is short. Summer is fun. Summer is exhausting. Which is why the transition period between the long, hot days of August and the cool, still evenings of September is the perfect time to do a much-needed self-care check. Don’t beat yourself up too much; we all tend to overdo it and neglect some of our needs whilst trying to soak up every second of summertime. But you, like us, are probably ready for a reset. Luckily for you, we’ve curated an end-of-summer wellness kit, complete with 8 items to get you back on the bandwagon.

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GoopGlow Body Luminizer

Yes, summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have glowing skin. Gwyneth Paltrow’s new luminizing body lotion calls upon light-reflecting minerals for a flattering sheen as well as plum, squalane and hyaluronic acid for a sexy dewiness. Just because the temp’s no longer hot doesn’t mean you can’t be.

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Collagen For Her Organic Matcha Collagen

If you haven’t already integrated collagen and matcha into your routine, what rock have you been living under?! Collagen For Her has made it oh so easy to get your daily dose of both with its magical matcha collagen combo. Meaning you get all the benefits — immune support, inflammation reduction, metabolism boost, digestion regulation, concentration improvement, join pain reduction, hair/nail strengthening and more — in one shot (or mug, as it were). The best part? This powder contains just two ingredients: matcha and collagen.

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Catherine Jinn Stem Cell Swiss Apple Boost Serum

All that excess sun exposure (it’s OK — we’re guilty of it, too) wreaks major havoc on your skin. This lightweight serum from Twins Cities skincare guru Clara Song helps reverse aging with apple stem cells and hyaluronic acid. The South Korea native takes an East-meets-West approach when it comes to crafting her products. Bonus: When your Catherine Jinn goodies arrive, they come in a bokjumoni, a traditional Korean pouch thought to bring good luck. (We’ll take it!)

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Voke Tabs

Still feeling sluggish even with the caffeine from your matcha? Voke Tabs are “grown by nature, proven by science” to increase productivity, improve mood and enhance mental function. They combine super foods like beetroot, guarana, acerola cherry and green tea leaf to give you a natural once- or twice-daily boost.

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Niucoco Dynamic Hair Trio

Time to face the facts: Your hair is trashed. You didn’t mean for it to happen, but alas, here we are. Never fear: Niucoco’s got your back with this super nourishing triple threat. Used in combination, the brand’s Hydrating Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner and Renewing Hair Serum — all made from cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil — can save even the most damaged of strands. (We speak from experience!)

Photography provided by Lano

Lano’s Aussie Flyer Leave-On Recovery Mask

This 99.2% natural mask from Aussie skincare powerhouse Lano (so named because its products are lanolin-rich) was made to help dry, jet-lagged skin bounce back after travel — or after three months of go go go. It combines lanolin (obvi) with mint and coffee to awaken, hydrate and condition skin. As the name alludes, you leave this mask on for super juicy skin.

Photography provided by Clarisonic

Clarisonic Mia Smart

Want to really make the most of all those pricy skincare creams? Employ Clarisonic’s impressive new connected beauty device that’s scooping up accolades like a 2019 Allure Readers’ Choice Award. It does everything you love — cleansing, exfoliating, blending and the like — but in a lightweight form that connects to the Clarisonic App on your phone to customize your routine based on your individual needs. Seriously, skincare has never been so smart.

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