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Photography by Sebastian Mader

Chic cocktails and effortless ambiance are musts when throwing the garden party of the summer. But the real key to making the evening truly stand out among the rest is a carefully crafted guest list made up of all types of individuals, each from a different background and with a unique story to tell. Including artists, comedians and style gurus alike, here is my dream roster of invitees who would definitely make my next garden party one for the books.

Photography provided by @bryanboycom


A fashion blogger way before fashion blogging was even a thing, Bryanboy has become a staple at every event worth talking about. Always dressed to the nines in the season’s most sought-after silhouettes, this style guru effortlessly elevates the vibe of any room (or garden) he enters.

Photography provided by @catccohen

Catherine Cohen

The queen of New York City nightlife, Catherine Cohen is a true original who has forged her way onto any and every stage that will have her. Her rise is comparable to that of a young Bette Midler, and her voice is fiercely unapologetic and fearlessly funny — making her seat at my table the one with the brightest spotlight.

Photography provided by @party_harderson

Patti Harrison

You know that friend who’s the funniest person to walk into any room? Meet comedian Patti Harrison. A modern mover and shaker, she has reclaimed the art of delivering a joke without asking for the world’s permission, making her the belle of every ball.

Photography provided by @samimiro

Sami Miró

A purveyor of sustainable consumption, Sami Miró is a designer and creative who instills unmatched style into everything she touches. Whether she’s sitting front row or gallivanting abroad, she brings her It girl energy wherever she goes — like, say, a summer soirée.

Photography provided by @vbiancav

Bianca Valle

A recently certified holistic nutritionist, Bianca Valle is the poster girl for leading a sustainably healthy lifestyle while simultaneously taking over the world. Her feed is flooded with food porn and enviable fits galore, and her presence at my garden party would definitely be the (organic) cherry on top of the evening.

Photography provided by @carolinevreeland

Caroline Vreeland

An editorial heiress and social media’s reigning pasta queen, Caroline Vreeland is a once-in-a-generation personality who embodies elegance in every move she makes. Regardless of where you may find her, she is living her best life and lets her followers revel in it with her one beach day (or pasta dinner) at a time.

Photography provided by @chloewise

Chloe Wise

Arguably the coolest girl in the world, Chloe Wise has carved out her place in modern society as an artist to know and a muse to the masses. An enigma in every sense, she falls into the category of rare breeds with the power to charge infectious energy into every ounce of their craft and into any interaction they have. Getting an RSVP from this gem would be an absolute golden ticket.

Photography provided by @jaboukie

Jaboukie Young-White

A name on everyone’s radar, Jaboukie Young-White is a rising comedian who uses his platform to shed light on the issues that marginalized communities face. Whether he’s performing in a dive bar or gracing the cover of Teen Vogue, he is a force to be reckoned with and definitely deserves an evening of drinks on me.

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