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For many of us, a morning coffee is the only way to start the day. In fact, some may argue that caffeine is their lifeline to existing. It was for me for many years until very recently, when I gave up caffeine by accident. I had a terrible sinus infection, and all I wanted was herbal tea. When I recovered, I tried to re-amp myself on caffeine and got an awful headache and had a full-on anxiety attack. The next day, I tried again and the same thing happened. I decided to give up my caffeine highs, and within days, I realized I felt much more balanced and energetic without it. That’s not to say I don’t miss the rush of caffeine, but these days I’m just boosting my energy differently. If you’re looking to do the same, here are 5 ways to up your energy without caffeine.

Get better sleep.

The need for caffeine is oftentimes an overcorrection for poor sleep. Are you having trouble shutting off social media and/or Netflix these days? Too much screen time in the evening can interfere with your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. I recently started using CBD oil from Holistic Purity. It’s free of THC so it doesn’t make you high; instead, it relaxes you and encourages more consistent sleep while reducing anxiety. The more you reduce your anxiety, the less you feel compelled to reach for something like caffeine to pump you up, which actually can create anxiety. The key is better sleep.

Get moving.

One of the quickest ways to raise your energy? Get up and move. My friend Andee Love is an embodiment facilitator who created the Soul Flow Method, which is movement combined with positive verbal statements and intention setting. I took her free class last week from my home office and was jumping around and preaching self-affirmations while my husband was downstairs on a conference call. He thought I had officially lost it, but I felt so free afterward. This type of movement releases endorphins, increases serotonin circulation and aids dopamine production. All those naturally produced hormones can lower anxiety and make you feel happier.

Take morning supplements and herbs.

Rather than pumping your veins with caffeine as soon as you awake, choose supplements and herbs to feed your body and create natural energy. Clinical herbalist and health practitioner Andrea Atherton of Heartfelt Medicine says we should turn to nature when we’re lacking energy. She recommends starting your day by enjoying two tea packets of nettles that have been steeped in hot water. Following this advice, I’ve begun jump-starting my morning with a new vegan protein powder, Plant Your Day by Hush & Hush. My energy rises naturally thanks to the plant-based proteins, greens, herbs and probiotics. When we lack energy, our body really just wants to be fed and watered. So drink up.

Clear out negative energy.

For me, clearing my negative energy is more important than a quick fix like caffeine. My healer, Dr. Joessa Austin, is a chiropractor and an intuitive energy worker, and right now she’s offering remote healing sessions. Last week, I had a 10-minute virtual session with her to catch her up on what parts of my body were achy and where I was feeling off. We got off the call, and she got to work. Let me say, I was skeptical about telepathic healing, but I really did feel an energetic release. She told me she balanced my chakras with crystals and then asked me if my knees were bothering me — they were. Afterward, I felt great and my energy was balanced.

Try cold water therapy.

If you’ve watched The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow, then you’re familiar with the Wim Hof Method of immersing yourself into cold water to lower your anxiety, improve your overall health and promote better coping mechanisms. While we’re all social distancing, a cold shower will suffice, not only to wake you up but also to get your blood flowing and increase circulation. If you need some motivation, stop by Hof’s Instagram, where he details the 40-day cold shower challenge he’s currently doing. (I’ve done it exactly two days so far, and I’m not exactly sure when I’ll do it again. But I’m open.)

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