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Cliff Avril is no stranger to pro football fans. He was first drafted in 2008 by the Detroit Lions and later joined the Seattle Seahawks with whom he won Super Bowl XLVIII. Another huge part of Avril’s life that fans have become very familiar with is the extensive car collection he’s acquired over the past decade. We chatted with the NFL alum about his custom McLaren 720S N-Largo, his favorite experiences with the auto, and what life is like off the field.

If you could keep just one of your cars, which one would it be?

The car that I would absolutely want to keep would have to be my McLaren 720s N-Largo being that it continues to hold and grow value. Plus, it’s super unique.

What makes your McLaren 720S N-Largo so unique?

It is one of 15 in the world and was made by Novitec. Everything but the doors are custom-made, and my model was made to be lighter and more aerodynamic. It is extremely fast and performs much better than other popular luxury sports cars — Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc. This car is truly special to me.

What are some of your favorite experiences with your McLaren?

Last summer, I participated in the goldRush Rally, which is a world-renowned luxury vehicle rally. I drove my McLaren to a few different cities across the country and was able to have some unforgettable moments. It is definitely a standout memory being that I was able to enjoy it with other car fanatics and my favorite car at the same time.

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Are there any cars on your wish list?

I think my next big car purchase would have to be the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which in my opinion has to be one of the sickest SUVs out there. It performs better than some of the popular luxury sports cars.

What are a few things you’ve become interested in during your time off the field?

I love spending time with my wife and two young sons. Now that I am not playing football every Sunday, I am able to find more time to discover new hobbies and am getting more involved in businesses. I love diversifying my portfolio. I’ve always been very passionate about the real-estate industry, specifically the investment side. Over the past few years, I’ve been learning a lot about how deals are structured and how to make smart purchases. I think it’s fascinating how property values constantly change in the market and that every day it’s different. I spend a lot of my free time looking at different properties and strategizing upcoming investment opportunities.

I am based in Seattle, which is one of the country’s leading technology meccas, and I’m always surrounded by individuals who work for private equity firms. Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about various private equity deals and how they are structured. I’ve also built a team around me that helps me vet potential investment opportunities with unique startups.

Do you have any major life plans in the near future?

I actually just started doing some broadcasting work, and I hope to land a full-time gig with a major network in the near future. I also have been expanding my foundation, the Cliff Avril Family Foundation, which I started in March 2014. Our mission is to provide educational support and opportunities to underprivileged youth in Seattle, Jacksonville, Florida, and Haiti. We recently installed solar panels in the school I built in Haiti. I look forward to expanding our impact and helping people in need.

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