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Curating a team that is committed to working in harmony throughout an entire process is the key to success when it comes to making your dream home a reality. We asked City Homes owner Rebecca Remick and The Sitting Room interior designer Megan Meder to share more about their collaborative process in making an eclectic Long Lake home come to life.

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What was the process like filling each role for this specific project?

Rebecca Remick: As with many of our projects, we were along for every step of the process, from helping the client secure the lot to creating the perfect team for the client’s budget, style and personality. Working from the very beginning with any client allows us to ensure that they are truly heard throughout the entire project on everything from budget to their desires for how they want to live in the home.

How would you describe the style of this home?

RR: This home really celebrates a medley of styles. The client wanted to incorporate a grand entrance while keeping the family spaces warm and inviting. The home has a great mix of styles, with its classic exterior and entry foyer combined with huge pops of vibrant color and unique finishes throughout.

Megan Meder: This home starts as classic/traditional but transforms with very clean lines and custom modern elements incorporated throughout. We looked for every opportunity to add beautiful millwork, decorative moldings and metals for touches of both styles to cohesively work well together.

How did you approach the interior design of this home? 

MM: Early in the design process, it was clear that the client’s love of fashion and quality family time would inspire the design selections. I worked to incorporate their bold style with a moody black, white and jewel-toned color palette, custom fixtures, and statement furniture pieces.

What was the process like finding specific pieces for the home?

MM: The client and I had so much fun picking out pieces that made her happy then tying it all together room by room so each space we designed was just as exciting as the next. We knew we wanted each space or view to have a surprising element, whether that was a custom mural or a bold piece of furniture in an otherwise neutral palette.

What are some of the unique architectural elements throughout the home?

RR: This busy family had a wide array of elements they wanted to include throughout the home, from entertaining to family life to next-generational space. For guests and business clients, they wanted the foyer to be a grand entrance with a flashy powder room and stately office. The double office suite was built with extra insulation and doors to offer total privacy. The built-out mother-in-law suite is fully furnished complete with a separate entry staircase, which was a must. And the owner’s closet is made up of systems that are truly unique and offer an unbelievable amount of storage space.

When the family wants some leisure time, they can retreat to the lower level for relaxation and recreation, taking advantage of one-of-a-kind elements like a sport court with a handcrafted slide from the main level, a multipurpose fitness studio, and a spectacular walkout to the pool and play area.

Is there a space in the home that became your favorite throughout the process?

MM: Ultimately, the library became my favorite space to design in the home because of its importance to the clients. They are avid readers and needed this space to provide sanctuary as well as serve as a place where they can connect with each other at the end of long days. Nothing in this library or home is for show; each book and collected piece reflects the family’s world travels, experiences and style. The interior design selections and custom furnishings truly complement their lifestyle.

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