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It’s widely known that having a vacation to look forward to reduces the stresses of life, increases positive thoughts and adds a level of excitement about the future. Just thinking about ocean waves and warm sandy beaches results in happy emotions. And who doesn’t need that right about now? So let’s get packing.

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Not everyone enjoys the process of packing, but it can be a lot of fun — especially when it comes to your cosmetics and toiletries. The right bag can make all the difference. I like one that sits level and is easy to access. A waterproof interior surface you can wipe down is a must, as is a convenient handle. Storing contents upright prevents spills and keeps formulations easy to activate. If you haven’t hit the road in awhile, empty your bag’s contents, check expiration dates and toss out any old products. Now the fun begins: replenishing with personal favorites and trying out new travel-sized items.

Minneapolis hairstylist Laurie Gillham recommends bringing your own hair-care products. “It may be tempting to use the hotel amenities, but please don’t,” she urges. “This is not the time to take a chance on new products, especially when you’re in a different climate. No one wants a bad hair day while traveling.”

Likewise, don’t mess with new skincare. Traveling can wreak havoc on even the healthiest complexions. This stress triggers inflammatory responses, which is where your trusted favorites come into play. Restock with your go-to formulations and save the experimentation for the enticing samples from the cosmetic counter. Do play with new makeup and fragrances; it’s a chance to look and live a little vicariously.

One of the most psychologically rewarding parts of globetrotting is the anticipation. Whilst the trip itself is incredibly exciting, so too can be the preparation. It’s time to get packing and traveling again. 

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