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I first started following Chelsea Handler back in her Chelsea Lately days. Since then, she has ended her popular (and sometimes controversial) E! Network show, filmed a talk show and docu-series for Netflix, written two books, and hit the road for a standup/conversational tour. Today, she’s back at it again.

Photography provided by Chelsea Handler

I got my hands on an advance copy of Handler’s new book, Life Will Be the Death of Me… And You Too!, set to go on sale today. I have read all of her previous books and have enjoyed every single one of them, so I was really excited to sit down with her newest ahead of the masses. It’s been five years since her last book was published, and a lot has happened in Handler’s life since then. (Note: This is her first official memoir, and it’s insightful to say the least.)

The book begins with Handler finding herself at a point in her life where she seeks to do more, learn more and be seen as more than just the life she has lived so far in her bubble of fame, wealth and entitlement. She is the first to admit that she needs help to push herself outside her comfort zone and dig into some of the memories she has only ever glossed over with her comedy.

Enter Dan, a neuropsychiatrist and researcher who takes on the role of her therapist. Their dialogue takes center stage as he helps her dig deep to discover how her past experiences have shaped her current perspectives. Through the process of therapy, Handler reexamines the death of her brother Chet, her father and her mother as well as her beloved dogs, Chunk and Tammy.

I devoured the book within a weekend. It’s funny (naturally). It’s very honest. It’s similar to her other books in terms of its wit and humor yet different in that it’s extremely open and raw, and cuts into a deeper Handler than fans have seen before. Everyone can gain some perspective and find a few laughs in Life Will Be the Death of Me… And You Too!, which will most likely be her fifth New York Times best seller. Cue the cheers-ing of Aperol spritzes!

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