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Charles Crutchfield III, MD, of Crutchfield Dermatology has treated patients from all walks of life, from CEOs running prosperous businesses to those struggling to make ends meet. And as the Minnesota Twins’ consulting team dermatologist, he has proudly treated players, coaches and their families for almost 25 years. With a career dedicated to serving Minnesota’s communities of color, Crutchfield is known nationally as an expert in different skin types. This expertise might be why he noticed a few years ago that the Twins Minnie and Paul logo at Target Field features two white players shaking hands over the Mississippi River.

Reflecting on our changing community, Crutchfield took it upon himself to create a modified logo that represents the entire Twin Cities community by darkening Paul’s complexion. When he ran it past his family and friends, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. “I have always loved Ray Barton’s original Minnie and Paul logo design,” he says. “I simply wanted a respectful and significant update to this logo that honors and reflects the team, fans and players of different backgrounds.”

Photography provided by Crutchfield Dermatology

After the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing protests, tension has grown in the Twin Cities. Crutchfield desperately wanted to find a way to help the community heal. To gain real data on the public’s reception of a refreshed logo, he posted an informal online poll. People voted on social media whether they preferred the original or a modified logo or if they favored a completely new, yet-to-be developed logo. At the poll’s conclusion, the results were clear: 97% voted for either an updated Minnie and Paul or a completely new logo.

Encouraged by the survey results, which included responses from Twins legend Kirby Puckett’s children, Crutchfield again approached the team’s leadership. “The Twins have always come through whenever the community has needed them,” says Crutchfield. “They’ve supported our military, provided opportunities for underprivileged youth, and recently handled the statue honoring former owner Calvin Griffith with great care.”

“Our community needs something positive like a symbol that reflects all of us,” he concludes. “If you were to look up ‘first-class organization’ in the dictionary, I’d bet the Minnesota Twins are listed first. When it comes to bringing Minnesota together, the Twins have never let us down.”

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