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Catherine Zeta-Jones is a tour de force. The Welsh actress’s incredible talent has been recognized with critical acclaim, fan adoration and awards ranging from an Oscar to a Tony. She and husband Michael Douglas are a bona-fide Hollywood power couple and are celebrating 20 years of marriage. Although her acting career is far from over, as of late she has turned her attention to her lifestyle brand, Casa Zeta-Jones. We caught up with the renowned actress to chat about her brand, her tips for ageless beauty, the secret to long-lasting love, and lessons she’s learned while in quarantine.

What inspired your new vegan shoe collection, a collaboration with British footwear brand Butterfly Twists?

I love all kinds of shoes. What woman doesn’t? It’s important to me that I can create something that is elegant and comfortable, and still at a great price point. I also wanted to expand my brand, Casa Zeta-Jones, into the fashion arena. So I’m starting from the ground up, literally. Butterfly Twists is a well-known shoe brand in England, and it is a global company with more than 67 territories. I wanted that kind of reach so I could provide my shoes to women everywhere.

What else do you have planned for your lifestyle brand, Casa Zeta-Jones?

You can expect to see more in the fashion world and also in beauty. There are a few more unexpected surprises in store. I’m so excited for everyone to see what I’ve been working on for Casa Zeta-Jones, it’s hard to keep it a secret!

Looking back on your successful career, what moments stand out to you?

Obviously my work in Chicago is a highlight. I’m very proud of that movie and the success it had. I loved being on Broadway — it was always a dream of mine — and to win a Tony Award for A Little Night Music was a dream come true.

What are three things you’ve learned while in quarantine?

That I love gardening. I’ve always liked to garden, but it’s been amazing to be able to spend so much time there with all my plants and flowers.

Our family actually gets along really well. Michael and I love having the children at home. It’s so nice; we’re never bored. We’re cooking, singing, playing games and taking long walks when we can.

A puppy is a great distraction. We just got a darling new puppy named Taylor, and he is so much fun! He keeps us all laughing. He has the best personality and is always nice to snuggle up with.

What are some of your must-haves to create an at-home sanctuary?

I love candles; I have them in every room. I also have personal photos framed everywhere of friends, family and happy times. I really think that makes a house a home.

Photography provided by Casa Zeta-Jones

You and Michael are celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary later this year. What’s the secret to long-lasting love?

Being kind to one another. Having some things in common — but not everything. We both love golf!

And finally, there’s no denying that you’ve aged so gracefully. Any tips for beauty at every age?

Take your makeup off every night. And hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink water. I always have a glass of water nearby. Ultimately, beauty comes from the inside, so do what makes you happy and content.

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