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Since its U.S. debut in 2009, independent, small-batch tequila producer Casa Dragones has earned high acclaim from tequila aficionados, top sommeliers and renowned chefs around the world for its distinctive taste, aroma and body. This holiday season, give the tastemakers in your life an extra dose of holiday spirit in the most luxe way possible with the gift of Casa Dragones Joven.

Crafted with a master blend of extra añejo and blanco tequilas producing an ultra-smooth taste, Joven is the ideal sipping tequila for soirees both large and small, and will serve as the crowning gift for a friend or host alike. Each personalized gifted bottle is hand scripted by an expert calligrapher with the recipient’s name or a chosen message on the label of the pure crystal decanter

Whether you are planning the party of the season or are on the hunt for a gift that will keep on giving, Casa Dragones Joven is the top-of-the-line option for all of your nearest and dearest. In short, keep calm and cheers on.

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