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It seems like only yesterday that the coronavirus outbreak ushered us into the confines our homes, bringing our social lives to a hard stop. I don’t know about you, but I’m shocked that I managed to survive because, in my world, absolutely nothing compares to the healing power of enjoying a delectable meal in the company of strangers who are, in some way, seeking the exact same therapy.

Photography provided by the Butcher’s Tale

As restaurant restrictions have begun to lift, the brightest light at the end of the tunnel has been Kaskaid Event Group’s announcement of the opening of its newest concept, the Butcher’s Tale helmed by chef Peter Botcher. Aiming to start fresh in what he calls his “O.G. kitchen,” Botcher has designed a new menu for both the formal dining room and the beer garden in the former Butcher & the Boar space in downtown Minneapolis, reinventing some of his favorites with plenty of new flavors. So what’s on the menu? Let’s dive in.

Botcher continues his especial storyline of made-in-house sausages, crafting a tasty selection of composed links and chaurices. The most adventurous pick in the lineup are the Thai-style shrimp and pork sausage sliders that marry lean seafood with a joyfully fatty patty and some traditional Thai spices. Speaking of seafood, if it’s your first meal post-quarantine and you see oysters on the menu, get the oysters. These ones are wood grilled to perfection and simply seasoned with Parmesan, butter and lemon, making the classic starter taste like nostalgic nirvana.

Botcher also has plenty of delightful options for herbivores. Ranging from a grilled Caesar to the staple steakhouse wedge, the array of available greens and their respective fixings goes beyond standard produce plating protocols. If you’re looking for a salad to share, the mixed greens salad is the perfect portion, complete with shaved truffle pecorino pomp.

OK, it’s time to get serious: the meat! Upon asking my server about their favorite entrées, they proceeded to provide a mouthwatering description of every single item. Here’s what I can tell you: You won’t be disappointed with whatever decision you and your stomach make. The double cut duroc pork chop is the giant superstar here (literally — it’s huge) and is sweetly balanced with an out-of-this-world pairing of maple sherry gastrique, blueberry compote and honey goat cheese. It’s one of those plates that you find yourself enjoying more and more as you happily pace your way through it. Other must-try dishes include an angus beef tenderloin served with a heavenly foie gras sauce; smoked duroc spareribs; and an outstanding vegan sparerib.

Opening a new restaurant as we move into a post-pandemic world might feel risky, especially when considering the relentlessly harsh hits the industry has taken over the course of the past year. But the excellence that chef Peter Botcher is currently dishing out in downtown Minneapolis proves that in order to survive, you have to go big or go home. If you’re ready to hop back into a booth or onto a barstool, allow the Butcher’s Tale to welcome you into the new era of dining out.


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