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Facts are facts: The local banks you’ve counted on for decades are on the way out just as fast as new out-of-state banks are coming in. Simply peruse the list of the largest banks in the state, and you’ll notice how few have true Minnesota roots. Although unfamiliarity looms, how we do business in this great state doesn’t have to change. Because not all is lost in local banking. So what does it mean to bank local? Here, Bridgewater Bank Senior Vice President of Professional Services John Uremovich shares the importance of banking local, how Bridgewater’s full-service banking benefits successful businesses and individuals, and what it’s doing to support the greater Twin Cities.

Why work with a local bank?

Banking local means no 1-800 numbers, no long lines and no inefficiencies. You can expect to be known by name, not by an account number. At Bridgewater, we get straight to the flexibility, responsive support and quick action you need for your entrepreneurial and personal endeavors. Working with a local bank also means working with a banker who understands the nuances of the Twin Cities market.

What does Bridgewater’s deposit offerings look like?

Bridgewater has earned its reputation by building relationships with local clients who appreciate a high-touch, responsive approach to banking. At Bridgewater, depositing or withdrawing from your checking or savings is fast, simple and hassle-free. You can expect the same interest-bearing accounts, mobile banking and security as large, out-of-state banks right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Does Bridgewater offer a full suite of treasury management services?

From fraud prevention tools and Check Positive Pay to IOLTA accounts, Bridgewater offers the same treasury management solutions as big banks. Our goal is to help you establish the right tools you need to grow your business. So many of our clients have benefited from letting our simple solutions do the work for them.

How do you help clients looking for lending services?

Within our Professional Services suite, we offer both personal and commercial lending solutions such as working capital lines of credit, equipment financing, owner-occupied building loans, partner and shareholder buy-in loans, and more. We’re a one-stop shop.

Where is Bridgewater Bank located?

Our local network of branches spans from the east to west metro. We’re conveniently located in Orono, Greenwood, Bloomington, St. Louis Park, St. Paul, and Uptown and downtown Minneapolis. In-person, online and everywhere in between, our local teams are available to meet your financial needs and exceed your expectations wherever you live or work.

What does Bridgewater do to support the Twin Cities?

We are committed to our local team, local businesses of all sizes, and our local communities. When the pandemic hit, we processed more than 450 PPP loans for entities outside our client base when their own financial institutions turned away. Last year, we also received the coveted Outstanding FDIC rating for meeting the credit needs of Twin Cities’ low- and moderate-income neighborhoods through affordable housing initiatives. We are proud to be a Twin Cities bank, and these are just a few examples of Bridgewater doing what it can to support the communities we serve.

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