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Boludo has established itself as the go-to Twin Cities Argentinian eatery offering a unique array of authentically crafted empanadas and pizzas. Now, the fan favorite South Minneapolis restaurant has debuted a second sister location in downtown. We caught up with chef Facundo De Fraia to discuss what it was like navigating this achievement amidst a global pandemic.

Photography provided by Boludo

What does the opening of Boludo’s second location mean to you?

Opening a second location offers the opportunity to expand and share my family’s recipes and culture to even more people. The culmination of time that I’ve dedicated to visualizing Boludo and its identity in Minneapolis is what has gotten me to this place. This new location has definitely proven to be a step toward my ultimate goal in the restaurant industry.

How were you able to pull off opening this new spot amidst the coronavirus outbreak?

Boludo ultimately wouldn’t exist without the support of the city. Our devoted guests have allowed me to realize my dream, and my amazing work family has helped this dream continue to grow and be successful throughout the pandemic. Also, any survey would confirm that pizza and empanadas are pandemic-proof because they travel very well.

Can you describe the heart of Boludo as an eatery?

The heart of Boludo is its mission to bring Buenos Aires to Minneapolis, complete with loud music and high energy. We keep our menu small to focus on the consistency of our food, and everything is handmade fresh daily. And our post-bake finishing touches set us apart. We add extra virgin olive oil and Maldon salt to the crust of our pizzas and, to keep the authenticity of an Argentinian pizza, we go heavy on the cheese.

Any other exciting news to share?

Very soon Boludo will be offering empanadas in partnership with a new coffee shop in Minneapolis. Stay tuned for the official announcement on Instagram.

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