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Bobbi Brown is the undeniable queen of natural beauty. She has long championed looks and routines that allow women’s innate beauty to shine. In addition to chatting about inclusivity, aging well and more in our exclusive interview, she offered up her top 20 beauty tips of all time.

Bobbi Brown Top Beauty Tips | Artful Living Magazine

Photography by Ben Ritter

1 | Start from the Inside

Makeup isn’t magic. Beauty comes from the inside out, so no matter how good your moisturizer and foundation are, the best base for looking good is eating healthy food, exercising and taking care of yourself.

2 | Eat and Drink for Healthy Skin

The food you eat not only affects your energy, it also affects your skin. Choose fresh, whole foods — the less processed, the better — and you’ll see changes in your skin tone and complexion.

3 | Layer Different Kind of Moisturizers

For dry winter skin, sometimes one cream can’t do it all. Layering moisturizers with face oils can penetrate and soften skin more. First, layer a face oil that you know won’t make you break out, then a cream moisturizer, then a balm on top. For truly dewy skin, pat a bit of oil on the apples of your cheeks over your blush for a natural glow.

4 | Avoid Injectables

Stay away from needles promising younger looking skin. They won’t roll back time, but they can make you look like you have fillers. For youthful skin that looks like you, only better, consider lasers. They reveal fresh, tighter and more even skin without changing the structure of your face.

5 | Cover a Blemish Correctly

Most people think the easiest way to cover a blemish is to use under-eye concealer. Don’t. Under-eye concealer should be a shade lighter than your skin, so it will actually highlight the pimple. Instead, use a cover-up stick that matches your skin tone perfectly. Dab it on and set with powder.

6 | Mask Dark Circles

The secret to covering pronounced dark circles is to use a combination of corrector and concealer. The corrector works to reverse the discoloration, while the concealer will add brightness underneath eyes.

Bobbi Brown Top Beauty Tips | Artful Living Magazine

7 | Extend the Life of Your Concealer

After applying concealer in the morning, use a small, full brush to dust powder over the area. Pale yellow complements almost all complexions, adds brightness and lasts.

8 | Apply Foundation Strategically

You don’t need to cover your whole face in foundation. For a fresher, more natural look, only apply to the areas where you want to even out your skin.

9 | Discover Your Natural Blush

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the shades of blush at beauty counters. To find the one that’s best for your skin, choose one that matches the color your cheeks turn when you pinch them. Need a guide? If you have porcelain skin, opt for a pale, pastel pink shade. Medium skin tones can go with a tawnier pink or peach. Deeper skin tones will look great in plum and cranberry.

10 | Don’t Forget Your Neck

Many of us have lighter skin on our neck than on our face. To create an even tone all over, don’t try to match your foundation to your neck. Instead, dust a bit of bronzer on your neck for a seamless look.

11 | Use Blush and Bronzer Together

Add a pop of blush over your bronzer for a healthy, sun-kissed glow.

12 | Make Bright Lipstick Less Intense

Some shades are too strong when you apply them from the tube. You can diffuse the color by using your finger to apply it over your lips. This makes the shade more sheer and natural.

Bobbi Brown Top Beauty Tips | Artful Living Magazine

13 | Wake up Your Eye Makeup

A well-defined eye makes you look alert and bright. As you get older, you’ll need to create more definition around the eye. Apply any kind of liner with deep black mascara to make your eyes look more open and alert.

14 | Get Dramatic with Two Eyeliners

My personal trick for creating dramatic eyes is to use two different kinds of eyeliner. For an intense, bold line, layer a powder liner with a gel liner over it. For a softer eye, reverse this application; apply the gel first then layer the powder on top to diffuse the line.

15 | Mix and Match Mascaras

It feels like there are more kinds of mascara than there are colors in a Crayola box —volumizing, plumping, lengthening and long-wear. But you don’t have to commit to only one! Feel free to layer two different formulas to create the effect you want. For instance, if you want long lashes that last well into the evening, first apply the lengthening formula, let it dry then follow with the long-lasting one. Have fun creating your own combinations.

16 | Use Your Finger to Curl Your Lashes

If you don’t have an eyelash curler, you can still get a bright-eyed look just by using your finger. Apply your mascara as you normally do then use your index finger to push your lashes upward. Hold for a moment and release. Let your lashes air out, and they will stay curled.

17 | Create a Strong Brow

Brows frame your face, and as we get older, they tend to fade in color and volume. If your brows need a little oomph, fill them in with a shade of powder that matches their natural color to make your eyes stand out.

18 | Think of Your Fingers as Brushes

There’s no doubt brushes are the gold standard for applying makeup, but if you’re in a pinch, your hands can be an equally useful tool, particularly for foundation and eye shadow. The warmth of your fingers makes blending easier and smooth.

19 | Give Yourself a Touchup

When your roots are showing but you don’t have time to get to the salon, use an eye shadow in the same color as your hair for an instant touchup. Eye shadow looks more natural than color-depositing products, and it’s never waxy.

20 | Be Who You Are

Enough said.

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