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Within the past five years, there’s been an exciting renaissance of a timeless tradition that caters to the spirited needs of both tourists and residents alike: the hotel bar. We’ve rounded up the most extravagant hospitality hot spots serving up the smoothest sips across the United States.

Photography provided by Hotel Peter & Paul

The Elysian Bar

New Orleans

Tucked inside the Marigny neighborhood’s boutique Hotel Peter & Paul, the Elysian Bar is the perfect pocket to find the pleasurable sip you’ve been searching for. With an ambiance like no other, this bar is the cherry on top of the 19th century Catholic church turned hospitality hub in one of the South’s most exciting cities.

Photography provided by Fairmont Austin

Rules & Regs

Austin, Texas

Situated on the seventh floor of the stunning Fairmont, Rules & Regs provides a rooftop respite for guests to create their very own escapade day or night. When in Rome (well, Texas in this case), commit to rule breaking with style and enjoy the best view of downtown Austin at R&R.

Photography provided by the Faena Hotel

The Saxony Bar


The No. 1 rule of being on holiday in Miami? Everything you do must include a lounge and libation. The Saxony Bar, located at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, exudes golden-age glamour with an updated speakeasy experience that includes live music and timeless cocktails at the ready.

Photography provided by Off the Record

Off the Record


Off the Record was named one of the world’s best hotel bars by Forbes and is considered the capital city’s best place to “be seen and not heard.” Located at the historic Hay-Adams Hotel, it is a prime spot for Washingtonians to relax amongst caricatures of the political elite and stylishly sip all their stressful blues away.

Photography provided by Broken Shaker

Broken Shaker


Considered Chicago’s “hipster hostel,” the Freehand houses the second location of one of Miami Beach’s most beloved hot spots, Broken Shaker. With a menu that includes an array of James Beard–nominated concoctions, the bar boasts a chill vibe that both tourists and locals can appreciate.

Photography provided by Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

San Francisco

A bar roundup wouldn’t be complete without a tiki bar, and the Fairmont’s Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar takes the vintage staple to extremes (think floating live music and a thunderstorm every half hour). Enjoying a mai tai has never felt more appropriate.

Photography provided by the Standard

Le Bain

New York City

The Standard, High Line’s Le Bain discotheque is the penthouse hub with the most breathtaking views of the greatest city in the world. Situated in the Meatpacking District, the rooftop bar is the premier destination for dancing, enjoying a nightcap, or getting the ultimate NYC Instagram post.

Photography provided by Goldfinch Tavern

Goldfinch Tavern


Tucked within the Four Seasons, the Goldfinch Tavern is an ideal venue for exploring the innovative small-batch distillery movement going on in Washington state right now. Simplifying the spirit-forward decision-making process into the categories of smoked, shaken or stirred, this lakeside spot offers up the smoothest of sips.

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