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Artwork by Bennett Bossert

Bennett Bossert is a Minneapolis-based artist and architect whose travels have earned him a broad perspective and a network of friends and colleagues throughout the world. On November 13, he will hold his debut solo exhibition, “LINE|TYPE|SCALE,” at the Designers Guild Building in the North Loop.

As a precursor to his freehand abstract drawings, Bossert spent 10+ years developing the skill and craft of digital parametric design. Parametric design is a method of coding relationships between different entities to create complex formal outcomes whereby a variation to one entity will cause an effect on all others. This enables many iterations of a design to be generated, and very often, unexpected outcomes emerge.

Photography by Peter Atkins

Bossert’s solo exhibition will include many new and unseen drawings as well as paintings from his “Bandwidth” and “Shifting Grounds” series. Original works and limited editions from the exhibition will be available for purchase during the show, and light bites will be crafted by Travail Kitchen and Amusements.

“LINE|TYPE|SCALE” by Bennett Bossert

November 13 | 5 to 10 p.m.
Free admission
Designers Guild Building, North Loop

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