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Photography by William Torrillo

To put it simply, wedding planning is a lot of work. After a whirlwind year of appointments, calls, and scheduling (can you say decision fatigue?), I was ready to block Google Calendar and leave everything on read. So when my new hubby and I had officially tied the knot, we knew a getaway to disconnect and reconnect was in order. Caerula Mar Club, a postcard-perfect destination on the BahamasSouth Andros was just the spot.

Travel is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Compared to venturing to the capital city of Nassau on New Providence, getting to Andros involves more work, but it’s definitely worth it. It is the largest island in the Bahamas but the least inhabited, meaning travel options are limited. Our trip kicked off with Ascend Via Makers Air aboard a Cessna 10-seater (first time!) to the isle’s only airport. After taking in a solid hour of stunning aerial views, we arrived at the secluded oasis that is Caerula Mar.

Photography provided by Caerula Mar Club

To truly grasp what a labor of love this beachfront gem is, a little backstory is required. Rewind to 2017, when HGTV husband-and-wife duo Bryan and Sarah Baeumler stumbled upon this abandoned, rundown resort from the 1960s while on a family vacation. With his handiwork skills and her keen eye for design, they transformed what was once an eyesore into South Andros’ first luxury resort and the island’s only five-star property.

Every detail was meticulously thought out, from the countless solar panels on rooftops to the nature-inspired furnishings in guest quarters. The five custom-designed private villas and 18 clubhouse suites feel coastal modern, with special touches like wood-paneled ceilings, island-inspired artwork and rattan galore.

Photography provided by Caerula Mar Club

Caerula Mar is the ideal setting for a couple looking to enjoy each other’s — and nature’s — company. Aptly described by the Baeumlers as “barefoot luxury,” it is laid-back yet lavish. With three onsite restaurants, a beachside spa, complimentary bike rentals and professionally led ocean excursions, the property offers plenty to pack into a stay while still encouraging guests to embrace the slower island lifestyle.

A visit isn’t complete without connecting with the surroundings, and South Andros has a lot to explore. Boasting the world’s third largest fringing barrier reef as well as the greatest number of blue holes (underwater sinkholes), the island has built a reputation for its fruitful bone fishing and incredible snorkeling and diving. One morning, we took a boat out with Caerula Mar’s in-house adventure team and tried our hand at these activities. While we may have epically failed at fishing, we hit the jackpot snorkeling above one of the area’s many blue holes. It was a once-in-a-lifetime excursion that one needs to experience to truly understand its magnificence.

Photography by William Torrillo

So many of us lead such fast-paced lifestyles that it can be hard to step back and enjoy the beauty around us — and the beauty of those walking beside us. It often takes a change of scenery to force us to take a break. A slice of paradise as special as Caerula Mar made it easy to disconnect from the daily stressors and reconnect with what matters most. A little island time was exactly what we needed to slow down, reflect and just enjoy being — mango mojito in hand.

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